Art Consultancy

The Art Box provides consulting service including development, procurement and management of unique and exclusive custom art programs for various interior design projects. Our partners & clients are mainly architects, interior design companies & hotel group management based in Europe and U.S.A.

We aim to adorn and enhance hotels, corporate office & residential projects.

Our mission is dedicate to supply a new vision of the Interior design embellishment.

Used effectively, art can have a major impact on any space. It can create the right impression for visitors and generate pride in the workplace for employees. An art collection can also provides important support for the creative sector and generate positive PR opportunities.

Since the phase of Design concept, Our art consultant begin collaboration with the design team at a project inception and continues through installation to provides an inventive collection of unparalleled art that compliment and enhance the interior design.

On top of providing art prints, we have access to new technologies to bring the selected art(s) on any materials as concrete, glass, wood or simply wall Paper… We can also oversee flexible framing options, lighting advices and support delivery and installation services.

Doing inspiring work when youve got a project that you are passionate about, you want to ensure that the ART does justice to the concept. We are here

We are here to support all creative peoples who want to do great work without compromise.

We help and support professionals in architecture, interior design and hospitality industries to     set-up a collaboration  with artists from all around the world to execute up-coming projects. 

Because our job is above all a passion and we want to make the process as easy as possible, Working with us, you willhave access to our network of artists, and upcoming online database of artwork.  

As a team of professionel we know by experience that there is a need for company like us to add a signature and meet the needs of a wide range of projects, from small to large, but specially ambitious & contemporary.

We are the team of The Art Box.



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